Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Brown, Still a good Decision?

Did we expect anything different?
Scott Brown is steppin in it- just check out the Facebook fan page
“Seat Scott Brown Immediately” :

You are no different than the rest of them! Shame on me for trusting you!!!
Good riddance!



His decision to support the Jobs Bill alongside the Democrats in Washington is really causing quite the stir.

I for one am certainly not surprised. All I ever heard Scott Brown say that I agreed with is he would not vote for the healthcare bill. Brown was elected as “the lesser of two evils”

Still don’t you think Scott Brown holding that seat in Massachusetts is infinitely better than the other option the people of Massachusetts were faced with?
Friends we are eating an elephant, and we can only do it one bite at a time. Yea it is slow goin but we are making progress. It took decades to get here, let’s give it a lil time to get turned around. We have momentum. Brown’s election is no less a referendum for change than before, but hopefully we can stop putting ourselves in the position of choosing death by fire or death by drowning. Let’s get some real viable citizens on the ballot.

What about this? We start a search, let’s call it Patriot Idol, you know where we have a choice of citizens who desire to be PUBLIC SERVANTS, on local and state levels. People from communities across our nation that we can help get elected, support and work beside to start from the ground up implementing change. Once we get representatives in local and state offices that exhibit real fiscal conservatism and prove they will protect the Constitution of their states, enforcing the laws and not interpreting them, and then we have a “plentiful bounty” (in my best Scottish accent) of seasoned and tried servants from which to choose.

Over Stimulated Yet?

‘Stimulus Helping,’ Lincoln says”
There it was staring back from the front page of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette yesterday morning. It read in part:

“Lincoln…touted the stimulus in Little Rock at the Arkansas School for the Deaf, which received $42,000 for new cafeteria serving-line equipment, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Science, which received $10.5 million toward a cancer research center.”

Oh really? My question is, of the above millions given from our taxes (and debt), how many jobs were created? And how much revenue was generated from it? In short, what has been stimulated other than the gratitude of several folks at these institutions? Seems to me the answer is NOTHING!
No one with a heart beat is against the Deaf School getting a new milk machine or the UAMS finding a cure for cancer. Most of us like milk and hate cancer. Yet neither of those has ANYTHING to do with stimulating our economy, creating jobs or producing income.

Sen. Lincoln was quoted in the story this way: “That’s what we want to see. We want to see [the stimulus] go to good use.” Poppycock! We want to see it do some honest STIMULATING in the private sector. Actually the majority of Arkansans don’t want the burden of this incredible debt at all, but if it is forced on us we would at least like to have it be productive. We are now an additional $787 BILLION dollars in debt over so many things like milk machines rather than helping foster new employers. Think I’m joshing with ya? Just Google the list of waste in this stimulus bill. See for yourself. And shake your head.

This is the point where some folks likely will say “Oh my goodness, this woman hates deaf people and wants others to die from cancer.” To that I respond is that the best, most intelligent and reasoned response you’ve got? This stimulus hasn’t worked as billed – period.

Equal Opportunity Addiction

To quote from a recent Facebook posting by Mark Martin, candidate for Secretary of State in Arkansas, “The conservative population in Arkansas is just as addicted to big government handouts, special regulatory protections, & other favors as the liberals. The only difference is conservatives say, "Slaughter somebody else's sacred cow, but don't touch mine." And liberals say, "If you will give me more grain for my sacred cow, then I will help you get more grain for your sacred cow.”
Sad to say this has become the truth and we can see where it’s left our nation and states that are facing bankruptcy today. People are running around screaming “the sky is falling and we have got to do something.” Asked what should we cut or eliminate?” They reply: “Everything, well except funding for “that which affects me and my family.” Let’s ask this- “What are you doing to stop it?”

To implement meaningful, positive “change” and impart real fiscal conservatism in a free enterprise system responsible people have to control the money. It is our economy and our futures at stake here as well as our children’s freedoms and liberties. Do you sincerely believe that? Maybe that is the really challenge. Maybe we should take a few steps back and ask: Do you honestly believe there is a problem, or are you just hopping on the bandwagon because it seems entertaining and exciting? Lots of folks do you know

Here’s where we can start. First ask yourself, “Do I truly believe we are at a crossroads in America?” Then YOU have to find out what YOU genuinely believe in and why you believe it? Next, find a group or coalition of people with similar views. There are TEA Party groups, 9/12 groups, church groups, civic groups. The list is lengthy. Heck, form your own group. Finally, commit to spending 30 minutes to an hour each day educating yourself, researching, and networking with your organization members. Make a list of the public meetings in your community. Find others willing to attend with you and then implement a plan to get and stay informed and aware.
Get Informed and Engaged!