Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Afternoon Update~

Tons of stuff going on today~

SNOW!  25 counties are now under severe weather warnings and 450 closings/delays have been reported to 40/29 TV. I have watched it snow for the past 12 hours and it is still coming down~ This is  not my house but this is what I feel like it is. 

Senator Holland Update

You may remember the speeding fiasco on Jan 24th. where Sen. Holland was chased for nearly 20 miles doing speeds in excess of 100mph. He has a tentative trial date now (read more...)

More Restrictions for Arkansas Business Coming Soon

Sen. Steele is moving forward with his bill to impose more restrictions on Arkansas businesses Talk Business had the story (read more...)


RobyBrock9:15am via web
Tax cuts on the table: #ARLeg appears ready to wheel-&-deal w/Gov. Beebe. http://bit.ly/gS5XWm

#ARLeg Senate sends ethics bill to State Agencies; House puts ethics bill in Rules Committee.http://bit.ly/gipP6o

HB1049 passes 53-41. #arleg

Secretary Martin Announces Key Dates in Mar. 8 District 24 Special Election....http://fb.me/TQ2fXuaJ

HB1205 fails on a voice vote. #Arleg

HB1294 - A complete waste of money. School busses don't need seat belts. Seat belts on busses are dangerous. http://tinyurl.com/4sla6v4

Ark. House approves cell phone in school zone ban: Members of the Arkansas House have approved a bill to bar dri... http://bit.ly/fOPc07

ArkansasOnline4:10pm via twitterfeed
7 airlines offering free in-flight Facebook: Seven airlines will offer free in-flight access to Facebook in Febr... http://bit.ly/fESntV

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