Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning Roll Call~ News You Need to Know (okay afternoon)

Now 700 bills have been filed in the Arkansas 88th General Assembly, that is quite a jump from yesterday, 32 of those filed today. Might have to do with the filing deadline of Constitutional Amendments ends today.

There have been many of what are called "shell bills" filed. These are bills that legislators file with titles only and no body to be filled in later. 

TAX CUTS??!! YEA!   

Senator Gilbert Baker (R- Conway) has filed SB274, a $7 million cut in the sales tax on motor vehicles. 
This is a bill that is sponsored by both republicans and democrats, the  proposal would increase the sales tax exemption of cars from $2,500 to $5,000. 

Sen. Larry Teague (D- Nashville) also filed SB276  to cut the state's sales tax on groceries by a half-cent, which will cost the state about $15 million in general revenue. Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe has said the grocery tax cut is the only one the state can afford.

Then there is SB269 which was filed by Sen. Jake File (R-Ft. Smith). This bill would exempt manufacturers from having to pay sales and use taxes on fuel and energy used in their processes. 

For more details you can read the post by Talk Business here

Arkansas businesses to be put in a Full Nelson?

Sheffield Nelson that is... This is why party doesn't matter.

Former Arkansas Republican gubernatorial candidate and gas company executive Sheffield Nelson announced Monday that he plans to try to get a measure on the 2012 ballot that would increase the state’s  severance tax on natural gas to 7% which is from $54 million to $250 million per year. Currently, severance tax rates range from 1.25 percent to 5 percent.

Wonder what that will do to Arkansas families? I guess if you are a millionaire you wouldn't stop to ask that question.  Thankful this measure will have to go through our legislators and then be put to a vote of the people. I hope and pray that Arkansans will take the time to get informed and engaged on this issue.

Read more on it here from The City Wire.

Interesting Bill Filed

Tweets were flying across Twitter today concerning the filing of HJR1010 by Senator Robert Thompson (D-Paragould) and Rep. Keith Ingram (D- West Memphis).
This bill would eliminate the constitutional offices of Lt. Governor and Land Commissioner.  

Funny timing huh? Just sayin... 

lobbyup12:59pm via Web
HJR1010 - To abolish the offices of Lt Gov and Land Commisioner:

ArkansasOnline2:04pm via twitterfeed
Lawmakers propose ballot mesaures for 2012: Eliminating some of the state’s constitutional offices and restricti...

A Political Junkies Dream APP

 The guys over at LobbyUp have been extremely busy.  What started out as a list of legilators, committees, and state offices has morphed into the one stop shop for Arkansas Politics.
Check out their site and their smart phone app, it is ridiculous, in the best sense of the word! 


RobyBrock2:16pm via Web
Post-election: Causey practices law; Elliott at#ARLeg; Whitaker on job hunt after heart attack; Rankin back to music.

DavidMeeks9:40am via TweetDeck
HB1301 passes 89-0. Now discussing HB1317, an act to expand the immunization registry.#arleg

HB1299 passes, now discussing HB1301, it continues the Ark Commission On Eye and Vison Care. #arleg

Getting interesting insight from #ARLeg on hiways, prisons, and redistricting. Will report over next day or two.

Lawmakers propose ballot mesaures for 2012: Eliminating some of the state’s constitutional offices and restricti...
UPDATE: 2 State Senators recorded as voting "yes" for SB183... didn't #AFPAR #AFPhq

Local Wire: National Guard support State Police to help stranded motorists: Editor’s note: This story provided b...

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