Friday, October 29, 2010

Ballot Box or Battle Field~ You decide~

Where do the candidates you are voting for stand on the issues? Think it’s not important? You might want to think again?

Only 64 days until the Bush Tax Cuts expire, what will it cost you? Calculate here.

Cap-N-Trade is waiting in the wings for the newly elected to decide on when the settle into Washington, what will that cost you? Calculate here.

There’s a lot of talk going on about tax cuts. I think Barbara Wallis of Bald Knob, AR summed the rhetoric up pretty good in her letter to the editor of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette yesterday (Oct 27th)~

“I am a little confused about the tax cuts set to expire on Dec. 31. I know they were implemented by President George W. Bush 10 years ago during a Republican administration.

The Democrats have always said that the tax cuts were for the wealthy friends of the Republicans. Of course, the Republicans denied this, saying all citizens received them.

Now the Democrats are saying they might be willing to continue the tax cuts beyond Dec. 31 for middle- and low-income families. How is it possible to continue tax cuts to these folks when the Democrats have claimed all along that they didn’t get them? Just wondering.”

In just 5 days Americans will decide the complexion of law makers in our states and nation.

In the 2010 Primary election in Arkansas only 16% of registered voters bothered to take part in the process. The county with the largest turnout was Stone County with a whopping 44% (tongue firmly planted in cheek) and numbers tumbled from there, no other county had more than 35% and some in the single digits, Benton County being the smallest turnout with just 5% of her citizens

I hope and pray the adage “Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.” Is not our reflective thought on November 3rd.

Michael Yost, Executive Director of American Majority Minnesota posted: MAKE THOSE PHONE CALLS AND KNOCK ON THOSE DOORS! Which if applied correctly will prove to push some wonderful conservative candidates over the top in the next 4 days. There is STILL time for you to make a difference for ARKANSAS~ there are GREAT conservative candidates that need YOU!! Some of these races are so close that just a few votes will matter! Call the candidates offices and see what you can do to help TODAY! CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Judge Heaves Unfounded Smears

The Arkansas Supreme Court race between Arkansas Court of Appeals Judge Karen Baker and Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Tim Fox is one that captured my attention early due to the importance of the position. I would contend that this is one of the most crucial races in our state for the simple fact that one of these two people will be the one that decides how the law is applied to Arkansas citizens. Those chosen to sit on the Arkansas Supreme Court should be sound constitutionalist that will protect the citizens of Arkansas, comply with and fairly enforce the law.

On May 13th I entered two post: Supreme Court Justice Race and Questions For Tim Fox which laid out my findings on each candidate after meeting them both in person, making myriad phone calls and researching each of their judicial records.

Needless to say after all the time I invested in this research I had made up my mind who to vote for, but then the commercials started. Driving around one day I heard this ad paid for by Tim Fox~ Basically the ad accuses Judge Baker and her staff of taking 2 years of paid vacation time, wasting over a quarter of a million dollars in tax payer money and only working 2 days a week over the last 10 years.

Umm talk about a lump in the throat. Since I am constantly encouraging others to get the facts, I hopped on the phone. I wanted to know the source of Judge Fox’s accusations, as of today Sunday Oct. 24th, 9:a.m. (several days later) I have received no return phone call from Judge Fox or anyone from his campaign. I am still waiting.

Being that we are just a little over a week outside the election and I feel like I need an answer sooner rather than later, I called the offices of: the Arkansas Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and the State Auditor’s office. People in each office told me they knew the allegations to be false but that they were prohibited to comment on “elections”, so no one would go on the record.

One person I talked to said she nearly wrecked her car when she heard the ad because she could not believe a judge would tell such an outright lie. Another said “it is disgusting a Judge could blatantly lie like that.”

I am still searching for the “court records that show” Judge Baker took “2 years paid vacation”. According to the 3 offices I spoke with no such records exist.

I did reach Judge Baker whom explained to me that the allegations in that ad were unfounded and completely false. Now Judge Baker has produced this ad

As a matter of fact in my conversation with Judge Baker she told me these facts about her work record.

· After the delivery (c-sections I should add) of her son she did not take maternity leave and still kept up with regular case load.

· She has only taken two weeks’ vacation each year split into one week periods.

· The only holidays she has taken are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

· She has written over 70-80 publications annually.

· She takes 2-3 trips to Little Rock per week for meetings and the rest of the time works from her home office which is within her district as is the case with other Court of Appeals Judges.

· She has 6-9 cases per week except on non-submission weeks which average about 8 a year which include her 2 weeks of vacation and the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

We discussed her working from home, which in fact saves the tax payers of her district thousands of dollars a year not having to keep office space, utilities, insurance etc. And if any of you, like me, work from home you know that you continually work.

It is particularly disturbing to me that a candidate for the highest court in Arkansas would not only participate in but pay for the spreading of “blatant lies” and intentionally be deceptive for political gain.

I believe it to be incumbent on the Arkansas Bar Association and his colleagues to hold Judge Fox accountable for such egregious abuse of peoples trust.

If you have any information that would help me to better understand how a candidate for the Arkansas Supreme Court Race can so apparently abuse the truth please let me know~

UPDATE~ Here is a link that is the "court documents" that are the proof of Judge Baker's work schedule
This is nothing more than the courts calendar, if this is the type of "evidence" Judge Fox would use to alter/destory the future of an Arkansan's life, do we want him on the Supreme Court of Arkansas?