Monday, March 21, 2011

Get Ready Cause Here I Come to a State Near You ~ Taxes, more Taxes and Obamacare

Only two weeks left in the Arkansas 88th General Assembly Session and what a two weeks it will be. Here is the calendar for just next week~ ( )
Tomorrow the Special Language Committee is meeting and according to statements made by Senator Kim Hendren and Rep. Tim Summers and Russ Carnine at a breakfast I attended Saturday morning, this committee needs to be abolished. Evidently there are some shenanigans that go on in that room that would make even Rod Blagojevich blush. 
The Special Language committee is evidently going to be voting on an unpublished amendment by Rep K Ingram, published here now, tomorrow that would take some $3million from the Land Commissioners budget and use it for special ear marks that are lined out on page 6 , thoughts? you decide~
Also Tomorrow in the Senate Transportation Committee the Diesel Tax, HB1902 is on the agenda. Keep in mind, as posted before, this bill increases Arkansas’ diesel tax to 7.7 cents HIGHER than all of our surrounding states (Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi). Diesel taxes are almost entirely passed on to consumers in higher cost of retail goods including food, clothing, office supplies, etc. (according to a Stanford University study conducted in March of 2010.1) For every one cent diesel tax increase per gallon, Arkansas consumers face an increase retail price of 1.09 cents. Because Arkansas has the third highest per capita recipients of social security payments in the United States, just over 20% of our population2, the burden will be felt most significantly by those living on fixed incomes
Another tax to be on the look out for Tuesday is the Hwy Tax HJR1001,  due before the House State Agencies Committee.
If that ain't enough to get your dander up then start looking for the "Head and Shoulders" cause the bill to implement Obamacare in Arkansas I am told is set to run on Wednesday in the House Insurance and Commerce CommitteeHB2138 by Rep Hyde which according to an email was amended late on Friday, copy of Amendment here.
Not sure where the Senate twin (SB880) is to this but it hasn't been amended yet. Arkansans beware that they could ram Obamacare thru here in Arkansas in as little as 3 days…”


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Thanks for sharing. I have been waiting on this little tid-bit from Ingram's political machine to come out into the light of day for several days.

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