Monday, February 14, 2011

More SB183 Shenanigans~

Being Valentines Day I found this wonderful  Hershey's chocolate Kiss which reminded me of some SB183. An enigma wrapped in a riddle shrouded in mystery, much like an earmark wrapped in a fee (tax) shrouded in a bill, . 

Last week I told you about the miss recorded votes of Senators Bledsoe and Dismang after this bill sailed through the Senate with a 27-7 vote talley (should have been 25-9). 

This sent conservatives around the state into a tissy because if passed it will double fees for car titles, for all Arkansans, to help increase funding for the Arkansas State Police retirement system. 

But I am wondering what buildings have to do with Arkansas State Police retirements? In Section 3 of this bill we switch from talking about retirement to talking about some 1995 building fund and depositing $920,000.00. 

Voters made it very clear that they will not stand one more increased tax, fee, levy, whatever you wanna call it.

Today the Arkansas House passed over this bill, which means, as far as I understand it, that they didn't want to deal with it today so they "passed over" it and will vote on it another day.

This gives citizens time to reach our representatives and share with them your thoughts on this bill. 

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