Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arkansas Flagship For Obamacare~

There are tons of questions and assertions flying around about the latest brouhaha at the Little Rock Capitol~ Obama Care coming to Little Rock.
Evidently Governor Mike Beebe has decided to present his own form of healthcare reform. It is no secret that Gov. Beebe has had visions of Medicaid dollars dancing in his head. One should be careful what they wish for~he has found himself under the thumb of Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and, thus, President Obama.
"In conjunction with Medicare, Arkansas Blue Cross and BlueShield, and private insurance plans, Arkansas Medicaid will design and then implement the nation's first statewide payment-reform initiative. The initiative will pay partnerships of local providers to act as health homes." This is an excerpt from a letter released from the Governor's office. (Full Doc here)
Today will be the first in likely many battle that Arkansans will face in the future to win the war of Capitalism vs. Socialsim in the world of healthcare. Sen. Missy Irvin will be presenting SB709 - "An Act to Create the Healthcare Reform Accountability Act." You may also like to read that bill by clicking here. This is a major step toward real transparency and accountability of healthcare in Arkansas.

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