Friday, February 18, 2011

~Tax Nazi Loses to Minority Majority~

You've heard of the Soup Nazi right, well Governor Beebe is the Tax Naxi. He has been working non stop behind the scenes to control what happens at the State Capitol.

He has supposedly used all the (dirty) tricks of the trade, ie. back room meetings, lobbyist pressures, out right threats, public appearances with state dignitaries and more, but so far to no avail.  And the results were EPIC~ three tax cuts passed through the Arkansas House of Representatives  with what I am now calling the minority majority! 

I was so fortunate to be there and watch (you can witness here) as 53 of our elected officials held the line for the people of Arkansas, 8 (correction there were 9) of them, Democrats, at a very high price. (Vote Roll Call) The[y] voted for HB1002 a bill that would reduce the capital gains tax in our state. The Governor made it very clear that this was not going to happen. (see post from Tuesday)

I assume that these 53 legislators took very seriously the events of Nov 2nd  where history was made in our state (Arkansas, Can They Hear Us Now?)and realize that times are a changin. 

Day after day there are literally hundreds of people walking the halls of the Capitol that are there for one reason and one reason only, to be a visual reminder to those casting the votes that the people of Arkansas are now fully engaged. Arkansans are determined to make sure our state government is run~ of, by and for the people, regardless of what the Governor and his cohorts want to believe. 

We are under no delusion that this will happen over night and are very cognizant of the fact these bills still have to make it through the Senate and ultimately pass the Governor, but what is important is that just like the Little Engine That Could, citizens are realizing that the power is with the people, if , and only if, they choose to exert it. 

Here are some of the amazing details of the event from state bloggers. I encourage you to read, it really is one for the history books:  "Arkansas's Iron Curtain, Revisited", "Conservative Majority Passes Tax cuts in Dramatic House Session", and "Tax Cut Bills ass House Panel"


sweeney_2 said...

Tax Nazi? Honey, you need to read a bit of history.

Ed said...

It would be nice, fair and certainly more genuine to base your comments on actual facts. You folks sound like 7th graders at their first pep rally.

It's ideology that's important to you. Not what's best for all the people of Arkansas. And I will use for my supporting facts the words out of your mouths trying your best to help the poor upper 5% of the people. They just can't get enough, and, of course, you want to help them.

Brad said...

From State Senator Thompson, Robert
I can support HB1052 and HB1056 but not HB1002. The sponsor hasn't shown me how this can work into our state budget.

Laurie Masterson said...

You obviously have not watched Seinfeld, it has nothing to do with history

Ed- Can you please share with me what comments you find nonfactual?
And share with me the facts you think I have missed.

I will call Senator Thompson, there is no affect on the state budget. I would be more than happy to put you in touch with Rep. Garner the sponsor of the bill.

Critical said...

Ah, where to start.. First of all your metaphor is pretty poor, ma'am. You don't even explain it, how is a capitol gains tax remotely related to fascism or soup or even comedy? Oh, I get it you just put in something with the word Nazi in it you saw on TV once!
Ha! TV is funny!
Second, the spelling you are looking for is "loses" not "looses", if that is even what you were trying to say. If you meant "looses" well, I am even more confused. Also "The voted for HB1002 a bill that would reduce the capital gains tax in our state." is not even a complete sentence, "the" what? Did you mean "they?" It is discouraging that someone who clearly has put so little consideration into their writing would expect their opinions or intellect to be taken seriously.

Laurie Masterson said...

Critical Well your name fits... and obviously you took it seriously enough to read it. LOL..
I certainly do appreciate you helping me proof my work. Perhaps I could send it to you on a regular basis. It is very beneficial to have someone who is hyper critical to proof read, it helps highly motivated people like me work even harder.

I can tell from the fact you have no substantive argument you are indeed a liberal, hope that works out for ya!
Thanks again for reading~

God's Speed

Critical said...

Substantive argument:

Under House Bill 1002, the top 1 percent of taxpayers would see an average tax cut of $4,220 a year. Middle class taxpayer would receive an average tax break of just $1 per year.

Laurie Masterson said...


a) Those figures use the DFA impact statement which is easily shown to be false.
b) HB1002 does NOT give a tax break on the sale of assets already owned by the wealthy. It exempts from the Capital Gains tax profits from NEW INVESTMENTS in Arkansas should the investor sell that asset at a profit in the future. Investments must be held for at least a year to be a long term capital gain.
c) Investment capital goes where it has the best return. If it is not invested in Arkansas it will be invested elsewhere and the jobs it creates, created elsewhere.
d) The middle class and lower income need jobs to be able to save and invest. Jobs first.

Are you really saying you want those investments to go out of state and create jobs elsewhere just so you can tell that out of work Arkansan your ideology regarding rich people won the day?

William said...

Laurie, cutting the capital gains tax will not create one job. Businesses hire people when their business grows to the point that they need help. Americans Corporations are sitting on more cash right now than at any other time in American history and they're not hiring anyone. I'm pretty sure capital gains taxes have nothing to with it. I've made this challenge before. Cut capital gains and corporate taxes to 0%, then let's hear the proponents explain why they're still creating jobs for Indonesians and Chinamen and not Americans.

Laurie Masterson said...

William you cannot say that it won't create on job, just like I can't say it will, that is a complete unknown.
But what is a fact is that Texas created 50% of all U.S. jobs in the last few years.... great place to invest. No income tax...No Capital Gains Tax. (Too bad they spent so much money, they borrowed....) But their revenues are through the roof!!!

Texas' diversified economy, business-friendly regulations and low taxes have attracted substantial inflow from the other 49 states. As a result, the 2010 reapportionment gives Texas four additional House seats. In contrast, California gets no new House seats, for the first time since it was admitted to the Union in 1850.

Arkansas is 39th in business tax climate not an incentive to move companies here.

These facts might be just coincidence but what if there not?