Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twitter Update~ News From the Capitol~

News from the Capitol

Just gonna post the tweets I am reading from people today that are in Little Rock. I highly encourage you to connect on Twitter as well~ Let me know if you would like help! 

FamilyCouncil9:53am via Seesmic for Android

Absurd... "Lottery chief’s pay goes up to $330,480" #ARLeg
TolbertReport9:53am via web
Wow - interesting priorities RT @lobbyup Chair Clark Hall has banned cell phone and text use in the State Agencies Committee rule...#ARLeg

DavidMeeks9:46am via HootSuite
Change in plans. After some discussion, State Agencies will vote on whether to live stream their committee meeting next Wednesday. #Arleg
TolbertReport9:46am via web
To #ARLeg "discussing" whether to live stream committee meetings - you already spent thousands to put the technology in place

AFPArkansas9:37am via Twitter for iPhone

DFA - The cost of taxes per person here in AR is $3,380. #ARLeg
DavidMeeks9:35am via HootSuite
State Agencies discussing on whether they want to live stream committee meetings. Vote shortly.#Arleg
TolbertReport9:32am via web
#ARLeg has lots of committee meetings today with the primary propose of getting organized
DavidMeeks9:30am via HootSuite
State Agencies will start hearing bills assigned to the committee starting next Wednesday.#Arleg
AFPArkansas9:29am via Twitter for iPhone
DFA - "we aren't asking for anymore revenue other than the growth that's already out there." ##ARLeg
AFPArkansas9:22am via Twitter for iPhone
DFA - Income, property, and sales taxes help keep up afloat. #ARLeg #AFPAR #AFPhq
AFPArkansas9:21am via Twitter for iPhone
DFA - b/c the #ARLeg has already cut the grocery tax there's very little room to cut state gov't.#ARLeg #AFPAR #AFPhq
AFPArkansas9:18am via Twitter for iPhone
DFA - they project growth in rev of 2.8% for next year. this growth is slowly bringing us back to where we were b4 recession. #ARLeg #AFPAR

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